Goals for the Change #MOOC11

The MOOC structure suggests that we should set our own goals for the Change MOOC 11 starting this week. My goals are…

  • To better Learn what Connectivism is.
  • To better Learn what MOOCs are.
  • To Maintain a certain amount of consistent involvement and participation in the MOOC.

The third goal is important for me because, as the first two goals suggest, the content of this MOOC is secondary (although by no means insignificant) to what my learning intentions are. There is room for content related goals to be added as I go.

As well, the weekly schedule is a bit too frequent for my lifestyle and learning preference, so I need to make involvement one of my main goals. In what form my involvement will take and how frequent might depend on various factors, but It is nice to have at least some sort of minimal level of participation set in my mind.


2 thoughts on “Goals for the Change #MOOC11

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