Bosky Outdoor Places

I grew up in the age of video games. Somewhere in those mid-80’s Santa gave us a Nintendo for Christmas, and it was all downhill from there – downhill because video games were the big distraction, the evil overdose, the anti-education.

Nowadays, gamification has taken-over educational course design and, as it turns out, my childhood was actually spent learning in a futuristic classrooms, and not wasted away in MarioLand.

Jacobs points out a similar situation with loitering, an activity frowned upon by the designers and planners:

Reformers have long observed city people loitering on busy corners, hanging around in candy stores and bars and drinking soda pops on stoops, and have passed a judgement, the gist of which is: “This is deplorable! If these people had decent homes and a more private or bosky outdoor place, they wouldn’t be on the street!” (p55)

The specialized nature of something isn’t necessarily the dominant benefit. The ability to exist at a larger scale creates cross-purposing. Loitering can aid city safety just as video games can be used for intentional learning.

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