All or Nothing Tech Narratives

Then we began to worry about screen time. As we watched our own adult relationships suffer, rather than flourish, because of screens, we thought the same might be true for our children.

This CoDesign article looks at some of the failures that laws in the US have for protecting privacy on social media websites at apps, especially for children. These types of articles are always great reminders that help me maintain technology balance.

However, the imperative title (“Don’t let your kids use apps!”) feels like a pause in the pendulum swinging between Let Tech!/Let’s Not Tech!

Such dichotomies are given momentum by the narrative that if anyone is using tech, then they are using tech to addictive levels. They also flow from the idea that “I’ve written about design and technology for 13 years…” so therefore I will assume the position of spokesperson for such a wide ranging topic.

There are many so many narratives when it comes to the use of technology and social media/smartphones, just talk to the people around you (as long as you’re not surrounded by tech writers) and you’ll hear so many stories about how people use technology to suit their life, in moderated ways.

The narrative that “we” are watching our relationships suffer because of screen addiction applies to a segment of high volume users. Any narrative about tech use that include “we” needs to be scrutinized for who that “we” represent.

My own narrative is to help my kids with tech moderation so they won’t define them self in all or nothing ways.


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