Mixed Attributes

“But diversity is a characteristic of a population, not, in most cases, of individuals.”


Good article and an example of of the confusion and misappropriation that can happen when scaling.

It is easy for attributes to become mixed when I shift between an individual lenses and a community/group lens, in part because fluency doesn’t have a chance to keep up.

Language is meant to represent reality and, being human, my reality most of the time is through an individual lens. Seeing through a wider scale just isn’t the way I normally operate.

I need to be careful about human-created distinctions, the attributes they supposedly have, the purposes they serve. I need to be clear and explicit to myself about the perspective I am using, which isn’t easy.

Language differs between scales, or at least it should.


More: I think this relates to point number one in this post: http://slatestarcodex.com/2018/05/23/can-things-be-both-popular-and-silenced/

There’s just so much categorizing going on these days, and attributing characteristics of the group to the individual. It’s as if the category is the binding cause, and not just an afterthought brought in by the speaker.

More: Unwarranted Distinction

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