Strange Animations on Youtube

“These videos, wherever they are made, however they come to be made, and whatever their conscious intention (i.e. to accumulate ad revenue) are feeding upon a system which was consciously intended to show videos to children for profit. The unconsciously-generated, emergent outcomes of that are all over the place.”

I was walking around campus one day, a month or so ago, and in the market I saw an obviously exhausted woman with two children sitting at a cafeteria table. The woman was just resting, reading maybe, while the kids were glued to a laptop, watching one of these 3D animation Spiderman/Elsa videos on youtube (the ones near the end of this article).

My first thought was to go over there and explain to the mom that these videos are not good. But, of course I couldn’t do that, I wouldn’t do something like that.

Then I thought, she probably thinks these are just some strange North American cartoons that are all the fad right now, if she thinks anything about them at all. Being from another culture, how could she even tell this cartoon from one that wouldn’t be described as ‘disturbing’?

Would you ever intervene in a situation like this, one where there’s no imminent danger?


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