Space Between the Seamless – Cognitive Friction

“We get frustrated when interfaces don’t function seamlessly, and the aim is always to overcome cognitive friction in software. Of course, the flip side of the lack of friction is that we build unconscious habit and let our fingers do the walking, as we open Twitter for the Nth time in an hour without ever intending to…and stay there catching up with nothing.”

I like this post, Mariana has many interesting things to say on the topic of cognitive friction. There also a great discussion in the podcast that this article links to. This quote above jumped out at me because I think it’s one that can be explored deeper to a wealth of important questions.

I develop habits with or without cognitive friction. Developing unconscious habits, mentioned above, are the habits developed by technology for me. The conscious habits that I develop myself, with the help of and among friction, are the conscious ones that I develop myself.

What could be said to be the difference between these two types of habits? Maybe control. Maybe a degree of knowledge, learning, or literacy.


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