Fast Food Media

My fast food social media diet has been replaced by one managed around blogs, feeds and comments. I do sometimes feel I miss out on some things, but trust that if I need to know something that I will probably capture through some other means.

Twitter is a difficult topic to think and write about, in part because it’s used differently by so many people. My own Twitter use has reduced to minimal these days, for many reasons, but I do have thoughts.

Inherent in the platform itself is the initial rise in popularity that it needed to hit critical mass, and the resulting rise in popularity of it’s users. This is a one-time thing, and I think when many people talk about “making it great again” they are reminiscing about these initial days when early adopters voices were heard and listened to in a great proportion. Everyone loves to have their voice heard.

Another random thought I have is that people aren’t able to fully operate as a “center among many”, especially those who didn’t grow up in a social media world. What I mean by this is that SM sites like Twitter allow users to create an amazing media ecology that surrounds each user. However users still want control over that ecology, they have strong expectations of their “audience”. Trolls and abusers of the system are one thing (and certainly a worse problem itself), but those who attempt to control the parameters of a conversation, are always going to be longing for a more private, community based space – which Twitter is not.

The post quoted at the top offers some more useful musings about Twitter and its alternatives. It’s always worth it to read honest thoughts on the subject these days.

I use RSS and blog feeds mostly these days as well. One rule of thumb I try to stick by when I do use social media is that whenever I find myself writing the word “we”, I delete it if I can and rewrite my idea using the word “I”. I’m no spokesperson for anyone, and on a platform where everyone is at the center of their own construing, not many people are.


More: A post on Audience-Centrism, which I actually forgot about until writing this post

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2 thoughts on “Fast Food Media

  1. Thank you for your thoughts Glen.

    When I read your ‘we’ comment I ran back to the post to check that is not what I had done. However, I recognise that such a sentiment maybe inferred.

    I am intrigued to what the future may look like. It is still very hard to argue for a ‘social media of one’ when the silos make it so easy. Also the feeling of being heard is so tempting. Time will tell.



  2. Thanks Aaron. I really enjoy reading posts like yours, when the thought process is exposed and someone is trying to make sense of things.

    I certainly wasn’t referring specifically to your post with the “we” comment. It’s something I’ve long observed and it’s a tendency that comes with the platform, I think. I often find that it sneaks into my own writing.


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