The Trade-offs When Making from Scratch

There is something that happens the busier we are with things. Yes, there is value in learning to do things from scratch. But, I myself notice I get lazy. I can do it in other ways and I can probably make it look much better if I just used photoshop vs using a generator.

And that’s the tension, that’s the trade-off.

Here’s an older episode of Loose Learners, where Mariana and John talk about technology and education in a slow, calm way.

There’s a good discussion that follows this quote about the trade-offs, about what we learn when we do the work and what we might not have time or need for.

As they note, the decision always depends on situation. But, the difference is a level of competency in the ability to read and write for that particular process. In doing from scratch (or, leaning that way when possible) I better know about my competency, what I could have done, were I can improve my skill, when it is worth it to do this particular task on my own or not – in all, my use of the skill becomes more explicit.

Then there’s the matter of style (mentioned around 26:50 in the audio). Learning to recognize, tweak, and create a style is a major component in the literacy of any medium. Commanding an intentional style adds power to any communication.

Thinking of a similar situation, in cooking, making things from scratch is not only fun and helps to save money, it gets me thinking about nutrition and what I put into my body. Is there any better way to teach my kids about nutrition and health than to cook and bake with them?

Is there any better way to teach my kids about media and digital literacy than by making digital assets with them from scratch?

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