Using Structure to Break it

Many students found comfort in our classroom. They learned what to expect and settled in nicely. Now, things are quite different. As much as possible, I want to carry over the norms set from the physical classroom.

Five Pillars For My Online Classroom

A short list of considerations for online learning. This quote from the section “Carry over norms, when possible, from the physical classroom” is good advice.

For one, online there are technical and literacy considerations that will cause enough difference and discomfort to navigate, especially for the first few weeks. Keep routines and habits to create some continuity so students don’t drop.

For another, routines are important because they give me the power to break routine, to make an impact where and when it is needed. I don’t want to lose this with the transition to online. I’ll also need ways to engage students when they get too inactive online.


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